Luise eru

Hello how are you? I am Luis Sergio, I was born in 1998, I live in the neighborhood of Santa Cruz, a peripheral neighborhood that accompanied the growth and loss of its violence while growing up, playing and making friends in my neighborhood. My collages are a form of protest that I try to convey the feelings created by the experiences. I seek to digitally represent the unreality of my emotions, not really knowing how to categorize them.

The different being strange that I am confusing people surprising some, the tears of this text where I write a little about myself. I am not a metamorphosis because in the world I am constantly changed by the world, people around me. An artist, a strange, silent boy poet who sees beauty even in sadness. Dreaming of the best I can be without caring what they say, because my art is mine. I do it, I see what I see is what I try to say without knowing how and this is the presentation of my work with a young artist who is starting his career and wants to learn from this pagan god who consumes him entrails. And the confusion of this text is the confusion of my head that delivers images, not words to describe it.

Obras do artista